Celebrating free comic book day in Liverpool (review)

– By Jade Culver –

Yesterday, the 6th May, hundreds flocked to Liverpool’s very own Forbidden Planet, and World’s Apart comic book stores. The reason? It was the international free comic book day wherein there are a selection of free comics are available for the general public to take and read.

The whole foundation of comic book day is based on the ‘belief that for every person out there, there is a comic book that they’ll love.’ The annual event began in 2002, and has since been celebrated on the first Saturday of May every year for the last 15 years.

With each coming year, there are a variety of free comics on offer, all which have been specially designed and released merely for free comic book day. This year the comics ranged from the likes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, to anime features on the likes of famous games such as Zelda.

In previous years, I have journeyed to Manchester in order to get my hands on as many comics as possible, yet this year I decided to have a wonder into Liverpool’s considerably smaller comic stores; Worlds Apart and Forbidden Planet.

Worlds Apart had an amazing system when it came to ensuring every customer grabbed the five particular comic books they wanted, and to be quite honest, I was in and out within five minutes. My face full of glee at the fact I’d grabbed the particular set of comics I had wanted since they were announced as releases for comic book day.

Comic book day
Free comic book hoard from Worlds Apart

I decided to walk over to Forbidden Planet to see if I could snaffle anymore comic books, merely to add to my collection, and also because Worlds Apart did not seem to have every comic book listed on the Free Comic Book Day website.

I was stood in a queue for well over an hour, with many others getting frustrated from having to wait for so long when it came to five simple free comic books. In the end I managed to get to the back desk where they had one guy handing out comic books that people wanted, and a second guy packing them. Unfortunately a few comics that I was quite keen to pick up, had already gone due to the amount of eager comic fans who had gone before me. Although I had to wait for an hour, I still felt pretty excited when I had a look inside the bright white Forbidden Planet bag, to see glossy colourful pages staring back at me.

comic book day '2
Forbidden Planet comic book hoard

I found it quite intriguing how such a small crowd enjoyed the celebrations of free comic book day in Liverpool, whereas in Manchester thousands flock to the likes of the Travelling Man and the much larger Forbidden Planet store. It saddened me slightly that I could not get every comic book from either Liverpool comic book store, something which makes Manchester’s Travelling Man a much better place to go to on Free Comic Store Day.

Overall I quite enjoyed the celebrations, and am quite pleased with my geeky collection of comic books.


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