Getting Geeky at Liverpool MCM Comic-Con 2017

By Jade Culver

Last weekend marked Liverpool’s second MCM comic-con. Held at Liverpool’s very own Exhibition Centre, which was officially opened by the Queen last June,  the event attracted well over 20,000 visitors over both days. The Saturday was completely sold out, and there were very limited tickets left for the Sunday.

All attendees have the option to dress in cosplay of their favourite anime, film, book and television characters. This year bought forth a wide range of Harley Quinns, Jokers, Star Wars characters and anime characters from the likes of Sailor Moon, Bleach and many more. There were also many cartoon characters, many from the hit US show Rick and Morty.

“We’re at a b-b-burp comic-con M-morty” This group’s papier-mache  (from left to right) Mr Meeseeks, Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith really stunned the crowds.

MCM is prestigious for its comic-con’s all across the UK, its most famous convention being held in London where special guest stars such as Bill Paxton, Steven Moffat, Matt Smith and even stars from the hit US show ‘The Walking Dead’ have been in attendance.

As this year marked Liverpool’s second MCM convention, special guests such as Starsky and Hutch stars David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser and Antonio Fargas along with renowned Flash Gordon actor, Sam J Jones, graced the Exhibition Centre  with their presence. Much better than the line up for Liverpool’s first MCM. Through the duration of the weekend all special guests gave talks to their adoring fans in the Exhibition’s very own theatre.

The stars of Starsky and Hutch giving an extremely informative talk about the much loved 70’s cop thriller series.


Throughout both days, the convention allowed visitors to wonder through the hundreds of stalls advertising items from film and television merchandise, to crowd favourites such as anime plush toys, Pokémon collectibles and Japanese delicacies such as melon pan and odd flavoured KitKat chocolate bars.

Alongside the many stalls was the kid’s area and of course the comic corner wherein several comic artists were selling their comics and doing some amazing commissions. Some artists were even commissioning portraits of the attendees for just a small fee.

At the end of both days, cosplayers were able to show off all their amazing outfits and creations in the cosplay parade. During Sunday’s parade a clear crowd pleaser was the wet bandits and tiny infant Kevin, alongside an amazing steampunk costume made in the image of the band ‘Steam Powered Giraffe’.

Overall the comic-con was a fun day out for all, and here at the Gazette we hope it the comic-con continues over the next few years.


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