Top ten Valentines day gifts

– by Jade Culver

Valentine’s Day dates back as far as the Ancient Roman era and the festival of Lupercalia, a Pagan  festival of fertility which was commemorated on the 15th day of February. It’s odd that Valentine’s Day has  Pagan roots, when it is named after the Christian Martyr Saint Valentine.

The exchanging of romantic gifts between lovers has long been a traditional aspect of Valentines Day, so the Gazette went out to Liverpool to find some of the best gift ideas for you and your beau.

1.) Tesco: Prescott Street

Chocolates seemed to be the present of choice in every Tesco store around Liverpool. 

Chocolates are most definitely the best way to go, who doesn’t like chocolate?! Chocolate is a year round treat for all, and if you’re a ‘single pringle’ this Valentine’s Day just go and stuff yourself with chocolate! 

2.) Lidl: London Road 

Lidl flowers are the cheapest across the country.

Flowers are such a pretty gift, why not treat your loved one to a wild range of Lidl’s own assorted bouquets?

3.) Lush 

Lush’s cruelty free soaps and bath bombs make an amazing gift for all.

Everybody loves a good bath, and what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than sharing an amazing bubble bath with some of Lush’s cute heart shaped soaps and pink bath bombs. 

4.) Bold Street Sweets 

Cute teddy bears and American candy are an amazing combination gift.

Bold Street Sweets offers a wide range of American candy, and in celebration of Valentines Day has a variety of cute teddy bears and heart shaped chocolate lolly pops. As American candy is a delicacy in this country, it’s most definitely a perfect gift for not only Valentine’s Day, but literally all year round. 

5.) TJ Hughes: London Road

TJ Hughes’ Valentine’s display was one of the best, the store was even covered with hanging hearts.

The display at TJ Hughes was one of the most romantic, with a spread of cute pillows and a variety of odd smelling perfumes against a red background. Although expensive, the perfumes on offer are a perfect idea for a loved one, especially if it’s their favourite scent. 

6.) The Works: Bold Street

It’s Valentine’s Day, spread the love hearts!

Love hearts are a fantastic tangy sweet with little quips about love engraved upon them. A great idea for Valentine’s Day would be to give your special someone particular love hearts with the messages you most relate to together. 

7.) HMV: Liverpool One

Why not cuddle up and watch a movie?

Even if your love life isn’t all that great this Valentine’s Day, why not curl up in bed, stuff your face with chocolate and watch one of HMV’s reccomended DVD’S?

8.) Utility: Liverpool One

You’ve got to love a bit of stationary.

Utility offered a variety of cute little notebooks, pens, personalised bits and bobs and pillows. It’s just the cute little things which will make Valentine’s Day great. 

9.) Home Bargains: Bold Street

You’re never too old for a teddy bear.

Teddy Bears are for all ages, they shouldn’t just stereotypically for children. Teddy bears are there for you to cuddle when your loved one isn’t there, and when you’re alone on Valentine’s Day. 

10.) Tesco: London Road


And finally, alcohol. Getting drunk on Valentine’s Day sounds like a perfect way to celebrate. 


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